Leading Remote Teams: The Secret to Success

With the emergence of remote work, women have begun to dominate the workforce. Women are now leading more than half of teams in various industries and functions, including engineering, finance, design, and more. In this blog post, we’ll look at why these talented female leaders would instead work remotely so they can focus on what matters most: family life. Continue reading

Vegan Face Mask Recipes

The beauty industry is worth more than 50 billion dollars, and the number one trend in skincare is veganism. Veganism has many benefits, but it cannot be easy to find face masks that are not made with animal products. So we’ve found a few vegan recipes that you might want to try out. Continue reading

Herbal Nail Soak Recipe for Strong Nails

Do you have brittle nails that break easily or are weak? A Herbal Nail Soak Recipe may be what your nails need to become strong and healthy again. This soak recipe is made with ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen.  It’s also easy to make. Follow the link for this simple yet effective nail soak recipe below. Continue reading

Hacks to Make Your Hair Dry Faster

We all know that the process of drying your hair can be a time-consuming task. The average woman spends about 20 minutes dry her hair, which adds up to an hour per week! If you’re looking for ways to make this process go faster, then read on. We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks from our experts here that will help get your locks dried in no time flat. Continue reading